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Corporate policies

We hold our employees´ health and life in such high esteem that its preservation is our main focus in regard to their working activities.

We embrace the prospects of the future, think ahead, and act innovatively. Our holding company´s slogan "Das Morgen denken" (Thinking the tomorrow) emphasises the way of ensuring our long term survival.

We strive to reduce adverse environmental effects in the course of our business activities linked to environmental impact and practice a modest use of resources.

Providing work safety and environmental protection is every executive manager´s constant duty.

We commit ourselves to comply with any relevant legal clause and any other requirements.

We emphasise the importance of qualifying and informing our employees on a regular basis in order to meet ever growing requirements. 

Our staff participates actively in processes, because everyone has a share in providing safety at work and conservation.

Safety at work and environmental protection are an integrated part of our internal communication.

Standardised procedures as well as observing safety at work and environmental protection in everyday work contribute to a consistent product quality.

We constantly work towards improvement of our process and product quality. Tidiness and orderliness are the essential groundwork for this approach.

We promote an open dialogue with our customers, employees, suppliers, and the public.

We continuously set ourselves targets, in order to fulfill the requirements of environmental policies and enhance further.

Building on that, we compile measures helping us to reach our goals. Their implementation is carried out in a consistent fashion.

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