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Recycling Center

By developing a CFRP recycling center we contribute to the conservation of natural resources. Due to the process being energy-efficient and low in emissions, it falls considerably below legal requirements and leads to full-scale recycling. This enhances availability of customized carbon short fiber recyclates and allows for broader use of CFRP lightweight materials.


Presorting: Crushing and sorting of materials according to type of fiber and state of processing: dry carbon fiber scraps, prepeg materials, end-of-life parts.
Pyrolisis: Thermal treatment excluding oxygen in order to recover pure carbon fibers completely by means of thermal oxidation of pyrolisis gases.
Refinement: Customized conditioning of fiber surface
Cutting: Processing of carbon fibers into models "chopped" and "milled" - accurately cut to desired fiber length
Your product: At the end of our production process you receive a customized product which absolutely fulfills your requirements

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|  updated: 01.06.2011