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CFRP Recycling

The ever growing consumption of carbon fibers and the resulting greater amount of cfrp waste will inevitably lead to a higher demand for disposal. We, being a certified waste management company, offer you a safe and sustainable recycling of production scraps containing carbon fibers and end of life parts.

First, dry scraps of fiber, prepreg materials and cured prefabricated parts made of cfrp are sorted according to type of fiber and state of processing. Where appropriate, they are shredded. Subsequently, by means of thermic treatment pure carbon fibers are recovered completely. After that the refinement and final processing into the product variations of carboNXT "chopped" and carboNXT "milled" begins.  


For distribution of our premium quality products the carboNXT GmbH was founded in July 2010. For further information about carboNXT products, click here.

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