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Benefit from our innovative and unique logistics system. It allows an efficient collection of the CFRP waste. For this we use the optimized batch boxing system which guarantees an easy collecting and handling at the source of waste generation. By means of scanner identification we can register the rubbish and compile your personal material flow balance.

Transportation is another core competence of our service offer. With our own logistics fleet we are adaptable and highly competitive throughout Europe. We offer a suitable solution for nearly every transportation order and allow for disposal intervals as needed by tailor-made logistic concepts. Use the possibility of our service offer to minimize your disposal expenses.

Collection and transportation of the following materials containing carbon fiber:
Production scraps
Off-specification batches
End of life parts

After transportation of CFRP materials collected throughout Europe to our very modern recycling center, the waste  is pretreated in a complex sorting and processing operation for further recycling activities.

Subsequently, the Carbon fibers are extracted completely from the plastic matrix by means of the refined pyrolisis method. The exposed carbon fibers are processed by the closing refining procedure into high-quality semi-finished products.

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